Trial the @Surv App FREE

Download and Trial the App on Android Devices from Google Play

Get the Trial App on Google Play

1. Press the Icon above and go straight to the @Surv App or Search atsurv in Google Play

2. Download the @Surv App onto the Android Device

3. Open the @Surv App after installation or at any time thereafter from the Device App window

4. Press the Try Now button only (The Next button can only be used with an e-mail address and membership password)

5. Open the Trial @Surv App (DEMO VERSION 2 SV DIRECT) and use all the device functions

The @Surv App will remain on the device and can be trialed at any time in the future. It can be uninstalled from the device at any time. You will not be charged for using the Trial App. The Trial App is limited to device function only and will not upload a trail report.