From your Mobile, Laptop or Desktop directly to your desk or via the Surv Support-Office to your desk

Android, Apple or Windows Platform

Use the App Platform to suit your own needs, from mobile Android or Apple phones and tablets to Windows laptop or desktop.

From any Location

As mobile as you want to be : from site or office.


Press SAVE AND SEND TO YOUR DESKTOP and your Report is sent directly to your desktop.
(Business Direct)


Press SAVE AND SEND TO @SURV and your Report is sent directly to the @SURV Support-Office team for completion.
(Business Hybrid)

Intuitive Functionality

Dictate or type free-text directly into your mobile device or laptop and use the pre-loaded reference library to complete your document.

Use GPS live location to automatically include a location Map.

Take photographs as you inspect or choose from your gallery. Mark up or draw on photographs to highlight specific points.

Report Delivery

Business Direct You receive the Report instantly (dependent upon the Internet Connection) any time, day or night ready for editing, directly to your unbox .

Business Hybrid Your report is sent to us for finishing. Your edited and proofed Report is then e-mailed to your inbox usually within 24 to 48 hours .

Standard RICS Level 1, 2 & 3 Reports

A About the Inspection : Report Type, Reference Number, Date, Cover Photograph
          Surveyors Details : Optional RICS logo, Qualifications, RICS Number, Company Logo, Related Party Declarations, PII
          Address : General Property Photographs
          GPS Location Map : Optional
          Weather Conditions
          Status of the Property
B Opinion : Exclude from Level 1 (Summary of Condition Ratings)
          Summary of Condition Ratings : Traffic Light Ratings
          Repairs : Include for Level 3
C About the Property
          Extension : Optional
          Roof Conversion : Optional
          Flats & Maisonettes : Optional
          Construction : Walls, Roofs, Floors
          Energy Rating
          Services : Mains Services, Heating, Fire Safety, Telecommunications, Working Order
          Grounds : Access, Garage, Garden, Driveway & Parking, Boundaries, Sheds & Greenhouses, Rights of Way / Access
          Location & Planning : Listed, Conservation Area
          Local Environment : Flooding, Optional Flood Map, Mining, Radon Gas, Contamination, Overhead Cables, Invasive Species
D Outside : Traffic Light Ratings
E Inside : Traffic Light Ratings
F Services : Traffic Light Ratings
G Grounds : Traffic Light Ratings
H Regulations & Legal Advice
I Risks & Recommendations
J Valuation : Include for Level 2
J Energy Matters : Include for Level 3
J / K Surveyors Declaration
L / K Advice : What to do Now
M / N RICS House Diagram
L /M Terms of Engagement

Commercial Alternatives to RICS Formats

We can produce custom and/or personalised Apps & Reports based on your own layouts and templates, headings and data, to suit all needs. From Residential through Commercial, Supplemental through Full Reports and Valuations, we have solutions and experience to suit.

Custom App : We work closely with each surveyor to customise our Apps to suit individual requirements and identity.
Custom Templates : Use your own standard report/document templates with your logos and identity.
Custom Library : Add and include your own library of drop-down or selective text elements with particular terminology and references.
Personalised Solution : Streamlined to represent your professional customer face.

We can add and/or remove headings and sub-headings and make any report truly unique to any business. The App is designed around the report and then populated to suit specific requirements, from drop-down or tick-box options to blank text-boxes - dependent upon preferred mobile device use: tick-boxes, dictation or typing and then desktop MS Word for editing and issuing.

Anything is Possible

Make the App and Reports your own.

Sync across Multiple-Devices

Use the App across multiple devices. Start a project with your elected lead device and then allow a second device to also access the App. This works for using an initial device to carry out a site inspection and then a secondary device to complete a report at a desk.

The Premium Service is a bolt-on to the Direct or Hybrid Services and is charged on a non-refundable monthly basis over and above the Subscription Fee.