Recommended Equipment

To make Surveying Reports even easier

Required Equipment

Use the App Platform to suit your own needs
Android or Apple phones and tablets
Windows laptop or desktop

The App is multi-platform based to suit all preferred methods of inspection and reports.
Either on hand held mobile devices, complete an inspection and report from a phone or tablet (see Mobile Devices below)
Or carry out a report on a laptop or use a voice dictaphone (MP4 or WAV) with a camera (JPEG) and complete on a laptop or PC desktop.

Mobile Devices
Android or Apple Phones, Tablets or iPad

You don't need anything more than an up to date Android or Apple smart device.

Requires Android 4.4 or later or Apple iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with Android smartphones & tablets and iPhone, iPad and iPad pro, air and mini. Check iOS 11 Apple Support.

NB This does rely on the device's built-in speech recognition and microphone (the quality can vary between devices) and the users fingers.

We therefore recommend the following ...

Stylus Pen
Android or Apple Phones or Tablets

A good quality Stylus Pen with a fiber tip or percision disc for accurate use of the App.

Lapel Microphone

A 3.5mm jack plug-in clip-on lapel microphone for clearer and more concise dictation. This also relies on the device's built-in speech recognition.

We also recommend the following for further enhancement of the App usage ...

Recommended with Mobile Devices
Android or Apple Keyboard

There are bluetooth keyboard options available for Android devices and smart-keyboard for Apple iPad to suite each users requirements.

Used in conjunction with each other, a stylus pen, a lapel-microphone and a keyboard compliment the App's functionality.

Whilst @Surv recommends the above based on our experience, these are only suggestions and we do not supply any of the equipment which is available from on-line retailers.